The missing piece to complete your
e-commerce accounting stack

Ecominate offers a powerful suite of analytics, inventory management, and accounting tools to streamline your e-commerce operations. Our system works for small and large sellers and integrates with accounting systems like Xero and QuickBooks Online.


Everything you need in one place

A bird's eye view of your business

The dashboard serves as the central location for all of the processes happening on Ecominate. Monitor real-time analytics while keeping track of bookkeeping tasks from one place. The dashboard is a powerful financial analytics tool that aggregates and slices data masterfully for optimal decision making.

Highly customizable features

The dashboard features are highly customizable and can be broken down by product to offer visibility into a full range of your data.

Top Selling Products

Easily view your top selling products to help you make decisions based on profitability.

Get the full financial picture

Analyze profitability on the product level

Take a deep dive into product performance using product name, ASIN, or product id to explore sales and profit details. You can also group your products by custom tags to track the profitability of recent launches, brands, or product types.

Complement your accounting stack with financial analytics

The Ecominate analytics suite makes a compelling addition to your accounting stack. Fresh data is updated every few minutes so you can see real profitability instantly.

Every cent counts

The most detailed fee breakdown imaginable

Marketplaces like Amazon are notorious for nickel and diming sellers with dozens of different fees. Ecominate carefully dissects incoming financial data and breaks down sales into a neatly formatted summary so you can see all your fees and deductions on a line-item basis.

See where your money is going

The fee breakdown feature allows you to see where every penny is going and is available throughout the entire analytics suite.

PPC profitability

Evaluate the profitability of your PPC Campaigns

PPC can feel like pouring money down the drain. With Ecominate you can see the profitability of every campaign to more efficiently manage your advertising budget.

Track your profit

Amazon’s PPC console only reveals half of the picture. Ecominate allows you to see how profitable each campaign, ad group, or keyword really is.


Accounting solutions for everyone

Use Ecominate as your accounting system

For smaller e-commerce businesses, running a clean set of books can be a massive headache. Most advanced accounting systems are not optimized for e-commerce and hiring a bookkeeper is costly. Ecominate offers a basic GAAP-compliant accounting system that does the heavy lifting for you. Simply connect your bank accounts and categorize all of your transactions. Ecominate then imports all of your sales data, purchase orders, and categorized transactions to build a profit and loss statement that is ready for tax season.

A simplified accounting system

Pull in all of your banking, purchase order, and marketplace data to create a P&L that your accountant will love.

Integrate with your existing accounting system

Ecominate Integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online

Ecominate is built to work with accounting systems like Xero and QuickBooks. Ecominate posts all of your sales data, cost of goods sold, and inventory adjustments as summarized journal entries right to your bookkeeping system.

Take full advantage of your accounting system

All of the inventory tracking and data you need to make the most out of your accounting system.

FIFO cost of goods sold accounting

The most accurate inventory accounting on the market

Many accountants bypass the first-in first out (FIFO) inventory costing method because of the incredible overhead involved. To solve this, Ecominate has created the first of its kind FIFO-based inventory system specifically designed to work with FBA. Simply enter in your purchase orders and everything else is completely automated.

Sync your true inventory value with your accounting system

Ecominate calculates your true inventory value continuously and reconciles against Amazon on a monthly basis. Ecominate bridges the gap between your inventory and your accounting system.

Set your business up for a sale

Many e-commerce sellers have done a tremendous job building their business but a less-than stellar job running their books. With Ecominate you can efficiently run your books with industry-leading accuracy that will reflect positively on your business if you decide to sell.

Stress-free, perfectly balanced bookkeeping

Reconciled transaction summaries for Amazon settlement payouts

Marketplaces like Amazon typically pay their sellers twice a month through a settlement payout. These payouts represent the leftover amount after all of the various fees and costs are subtracted by the marketplace. This lump sum payout sits on your bank statement but cannot be marked simply as income on your accounting ledger. This is where Ecominate comes in. Ecominate connects to your accounting system to create mappings that are used to match Amazon transaction types to your chart of accounts. Ecominate automatically creates a viewable transaction summary that matches perfectly to your bank feed and posts it to your ledger so you can effortlessly reconcile your payout bank statement.

No more manual uploads

Ecominate does the work for you. Our customers save hours every month by setting up the transaction mapping once and having automated settlement summaries flow into an accounting system.

Structured and balanced bookkeeping

Never worry about revenue numbers not matching bank deposits ever again. Ecominate has processed millions of transactions to create perfectly balanced summaries to allow you to get your numbers right.

Stay on top of all of your numbers

A profit and loss statement for valuable financial insight

Ecominate generates a highly detailed profit and loss statement with the posted data from settled transactions, purchase orders, and categorized bank transactions. The profit and loss statement can complement your accounting stack by giving you a reliable and insightful way to view the profits of your business in real-time.

A structured financial statement with limitless detail

Every single financial transaction that is posted to your seller account flows through the P&L. This means you can break down the true profitability of each product on a granular basis.

Inventory Management

Purchase order management made easy

Manage your purchase orders all from one place

Purchase orders are foundational to your business and serve as the backbone to Ecominate’s inventory accounting features. Use the purchase order management page to add, edit and view all of your supplier invoices on the cloud. Entering purchase orders into Ecominate is extremely easy and cuts out repetitive work and clutter.

Save hours on accounting

Ecominate automatically processes purchase orders and flows them into the analytics suite, the accrual inventory accounting system, and various other features.

Keep track of all of your inventory

Automatic FBA inventory reconciliation

Warehousing inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment network allows small businesses to scale, but with that comes the daunting task of inventory reconciliation. Amazon is notorious for losing track of inventory and inconsistently applying reimbursements for inventory that is no longer sellable. Ecominate handles inventory reconciliation for you. Ecominate processes dozens of reports to accurately track and account for inventory so that your inventory value truly reflects the sellable quantity. Ecominate makes sure that lost, returned, found, and numerous other one-off inventory adjustments are accounted for and accurately represented in your accounting system

Save hours of time reconciling inventory

Handing your inventory to Amazon can feel like a black box since your inventory is kept throughout a vast network of warehouses with little transparency. Knowing how much inventory you have, while accounting for lost, damaged or otherwise unavailable inventory is time-intensive. Ecominate’s inventory valuation accounts for dozens of different inventory dispositions and reconciles against FBA month-end totals. This means your inventory valuation reflects the true value of your inventory.

Account for inventory discrepancies

Lost, damaged, and adjusted inventory should be reflected in your accounting system and accounted for using the FIFO method. Ecominate reconciles your inventory for you and adjusts your inventory value for all discrepancies that you may experience using FBA.

Know your inventory value

Real-time inventory valuation

Having an accurate valuation of inventory is critical. Inventory accounting for e-commerce is notoriously difficult, especially for sellers who house their inventory in 3PLs like FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Ecominate fixes this for you by valuing your inventory in real-time using the inputs from your purchase orders. This means that you will have the most accurate snapshot of one of your most important asset accounts, reconciled to the cent.

First-in-first-out inventory accounting

Ecominate calculates your inventory balance on a first-in first-out (FIFO) basis. By creating a queue from your purchase orders, Ecominate automatically calculates your inventory balance and costs each item based on your individual purchase orders, not just using average costing.